Adventures in Multi Media @ The Cluny ::: Sunday June 24th

On Sunday June 24th Blackbox is curating a multi art event at The Cluny in Newcastle. The event will begin at 8pm and run through to 11pm.

Blackbox organises A>MM events so that artists and groups have the opportunity to show new work in front of sympathetic audiences who are also able to offer constructive criticism. So. If you're not doing something extremely exciting - and you want to see something decisively different - come on down.

Please check out the Events & Exhibitions section for further details about the event and information on how to reserve free tickets.

Circus & Street Arts @ the Buddle

The Buddle Arts Centre is now home to a wide variety of street and circus artists. As part of a recent reorganisation of space the circus network have been allocated their own designated circus space within the North Wing.

This space is being coordinated by Frayed Knott. For information about that company - plus contact details - please navigate to the Circus & Street Arts section.