Adventures in Multi Media @ The Cluny
Shubunkin ::: Astro+Prism ::: BTR
Sun 24th June - 8pm till 11pm

A>MM is a Blackbox Arts & Media organised event that brings together artists and performers who are experimenting with multi media work. Light and sound, movement and music, all combined to create an adventure for both artists and audience. For the artists involved A>MM is an opportunity to present some recently developed work. The artists have been encouraged to experiment, the audience is encouraged to drink beer, watch stuff and offer some feedback.

Doors open at 8pm
Performance begins at 8.30pm.

Shubunkin: Shubunkin is the performance persona created by musician Stuart Freeland. For a number of years Stuart has been working with Soundbeam equipment - a sensor set-up linked to computer technology that allows notes, melodies, and samples to be triggered by movement.

Over the past couple of years Shubunkin has been seen at venues around the region, and has developed a performance style that conjures music - multiple sound manipulated by live electronic interaction. In the autumn of 2006 Shubunkin received a grant from the Arts Council of England, which has allowed him to experiment with image projection. Shubunkin's contribution to A>MM is the results of that research - a sound and image spectacular.

Shubunkin web links:

Asrto+Prism: In the early nineties there was Salad Butty - two sisters who developed their DJ sound through Newcastle's underground music scene. Their work began to incorporate multi art elements and, as these elements became central to their practice and performance, the partnership was reinvented as Astro+Prism.

Astro is Nicola Zena Lumley and Prism is Kelly Anne Lumley and they now specialise in live cutting edge, audio/visual performance. Nicola's award winning soundtrack work can be found in collaborations with film makers, animators, choreographers and theatre directors. Kelly is a video/graphic artist and adds a live visual element to their performances with her original film style and VJing.

Astro+Prism are using A>MM to try out some newly developed material. It's going to be fantastic!

Astro+Prism web links:

Beneath the Radar: For the past three years Blackbox Arts & Media has been operating the Digital Studio at the Buddle Arts Centre, Wallsend. The Digital Studio has offered multi-media opportunities to a wide range of artists who have made work in the Buddle Arts Centre, as well as organising training schedules for individuals and groups interested in using the new generation of digital equipment.

BTR is the most recent multi media spill from the Digital Studio. A set of experiments, work in development and first draft ideas that aims to make the venue glow.

Further Information: The Cluny is on Lime Street, (underneath Byker Bridge). You are welcome to turn up on the night, but the more people who email blackbox to confirm attendance then the easier it is to do the organisation thing. Please send emails to

A>MM has been supported by A.C.E. North East & North Tyneside Arts.